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Code Section
Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง514.160; 532.034; 15.231; 411.210; 514.170

Automatic class D felony Perpetrator forfeits all right to the identifying information, property, or other benefits resulting from the crime Restitution shall be ordered for any costs incurred by victim to correct credit record, including lost wages and attorney’s fees; restitution shall be ordered for any financial institution which suffers a direct financial loss

Who May Prosecute
Attorney General has concurrent jurisdiction with Commonwealth attorneys and county attorneys

Criminal statute does not apply to minors seeking to obtain privileges denied to minors; does not apply to credit or debit card fraud (which is covered under other code sections)

Civil Action
Civil action allowed

Civil Remedies
Compensatory and punitive damages, and reasonable costs and attorney fees if plaintiff prevails

“Trafficking in Stolen Identities,” for which possession of 5 or more separate identities is a prima facie evidence, is a class C felony

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