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Code Section
Wyo. Stat. Ann. §6-3-901; §1-1-128

If loss is less than $500: misdemeanor; if loss of $500 or more: felony
If misdemeanor: imprisonment up to 6 months, or fine up to $750, or both; if felony: imprisonment up to 10 years, or fine up to $10,000, or both; court may order restitution to victim for costs incurred, including attorney fees, costs to clear credit history, costs of civil/administrative proceeding to satisfy debt, lien, or other obligation resulting from crime

Who May Prosecute
Any prosecuting authority


Civil Action
Civil action allowed

Civil Remedies
Victim may enjoin/restrain perpetrator from further violations of identity theft law; victim may recover damages subject to set off against judgment ordered under criminal law; prevailing party may recover court costs and attorney fees


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